WINTER 2024/25

The Journeyman Lodge calendar is now open for DECEMBER, JANUARY & FEBRUARY dates only. Due to a high demand, each month is going to be released one week at a time as follows:

June 3rd - December Release 

June 10th - January Release 

June 17th - February Release

June 24th - March Release

July 1st - April Release

We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone for their patience, and we hope to see you all at the lodge this winter season!

- The Callaghan team 


Our 2024 Summer calendar is live! 

Escape to Journeyman Lodge for exclusive weekend getaways, the ultimate retreat for nature lovers seeking solace in Callaghan Valley's pristine wilderness.

Book Your Adventure

Check our availability or book your adventure to The Journeyman Lodge now!

Come for the day!

Check out all our winter day activities and services to prepare for a day of adventures in The Callaghan Valley!

Any questions or issue? Do not hesitate to reach out to us !

(604) 938-0616

Even More...

a red tractor in the snow

Snowcat Shuttle

Jumpstart your day by getting to the skin track faster with our Snow Cat Shuttle Service. The ride up allows deeper exploration of The Callaghan’s pristine terrain and allows you to save energy for the good stuff.

two men sitting in chairs in the snow

Field Lunch

Going on adventures in the Callaghan Valley required lots of energy! Get a packed lunch to bring along during your ascension to Callaghan Lake


Ski Pass

Get a season pass allowing you to access any of our trails during the duration of the winter season.

Woman skiing with mountains behind her

Gift Certificate

Less stuff, more adventures! Treat your loved ones by offering them a piece of wilderness.

Adventure is Waiting

Ready to embark on your next adventure? Explore availability at our lodge and secure your preferred dates, Whether you're planning a tranquil retreat or an outdoor excursion. Embark on higher elevation Nordic skiing or play in true untouched backcountry wilderness for the day with our Snowcat Shuttle to the Callaghan Lake. Enhance your experience with a delightful field lunch or surprise a loved one with a memorable gift certificate. Your journey starts here – reserve your spot today!

a house in the snow Link to larger image, a house in the snow
Skiing Link to larger image, Skiing
a group of people hiking in the snow Link to larger image, a group of people hiking in the snow
a person diving in a creek Link to larger image, a person diving in a creek
charcuterie board being served Link to larger image, charcuterie board being served
Snow cat shuttle for accessing the upper Callaghan Valley Link to larger image, Snow cat shuttle for accessing the upper Callaghan Valley

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