Solitude Calls at the Callaghan

Indulge in deep pow and preserved nature in the Callaghan Valley while staying at Journeyman Lodge in British Columbia, Canada. Located in the heart of BC’s Coast Mountains, the Upper Callaghan Basin, at 4,500′ (1,370m) above sea level, is a winter wonderland with an annual snowfall of 10 glorious metres.

Winter in the Callaghan Valley

The Callaghan experiences a substantial accumulation of snow, creating a pristine playground for skiers, snowboarders, and winter enthusiasts alike, offering a canvas of white powder against the backdrop of rugged mountains and evergreen forests.

  • Over 10m annual snowfall
  • 3m+ annual snowpack
  • 1,370M elevation
  • 12,000 hectares of protected terrain
Winter in Callaghan Image Slide1, Link to Larger Image - Winter in Callaghan
Beautiful snow covered mountain Image Slide2, Link to Larger Image - Beautiful snow covered mountain
Couple at Alexander Falls Image Slide3, Link to Larger Image - Couple at Alexander Falls


The Conservancy 

The Conservancy is within the traditional territories of both Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations. The Callaghan honours Indigenous Peoples’ connection to the land and respects the importance of their diverse teachings, traditions, and practices within these shared unceded territories. This webpage does not adequately represent the full history of this park and the connection of Indigenous Peoples to this land. We will work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples to continuously update our content to better reflect the history and cultures of these special places.

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Preserving Nature

This haven for outdoor enthusiasts has become a focal point for conservation efforts, ensuring that the Callaghan Valley's ecological integrity endures for generations to come. Visitors to The Callaghan should adopt “Leave No Trace” principles and play a role in honouring the Valley's unique environment.

Know Your Impact. Respect And Protect Our Communities. Don't Love it to Death.
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Wildlife Habitat Protection

Conservation efforts in Callaghan Valley extend to safeguarding critical wildlife habitats. A variety of wildlife resides within the conservancy and surrounding area, such as bobcats, cougars, coyotes, minks, Douglas’ squirrels, and weasels. Large mammal species present include the black bear, grizzly bear, Columbian black-tailed deer, and mountain goats. Transient species include moose, wolverine, and wolf.

Recent wildlife studies indicate the conservancy contains high value grizzly bear habitat.

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